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New post on HuffPo: The End of the World

I’m especially proud of my latest piece for the Huffington Post. Read it, skim through it, or have a snack and forget about it…

The End of the World: A Cultural Obsession

“It was the first time I ever conceptualized the idea of the apocalypse, the notion that the Earth itself is mortal, and that everything I’ve ever known and experienced could be obliterated in a mere instant. It’s not hard to imagine a Freudian correlation between a child and his or her perception of the planet; after all, what is Earth other than a maternal provider of life? Witnessing its destruction triggered in me a sort of instinctual revulsion: “How can they be so cruel as to show the destruction of my home planet? I’m upset. I want my goodie bag.”

Read ore on Huffington Post…

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