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Boston: How Good Overwhelmed Evil

Boston: How Good Overwhelmed Evil

Excerpt from HuffPo essay:

All that can be said about a city and its peoplehas been said. So I broach this subject with some hesitation. Nonetheless I feel obligated to recount my experience, if only to defend the sense of hope that’s materialized in my hometown, and to deny all the cynicism that seems rampant.

I know Boston. I’ve lived in the area my entire life — we are not a fearful people. What happened Friday was an expression of a culture’s respect for justice and the show of force that is sometimes needed to find it.

Through all I’ve read and heard over the past week, it’s still Patton Oswalt’s Facebook missive on the day of the bombings that most sticks with me. Oswalt referred to the idea that good people outnumber evil people, and that they always will. Very true. But I think there’s something more to this idea, and it has to do with hope, which I guess might be considered the vessel of good. What I witnessed last week was an expression of unrelenting hope and optimism by good people. This was expressed in their willingness to cooperate with the authorities, in their desire to bring the perpetrators to justice, in their volunteered efforts to assist the police, and in their willingness to run toward ground zero in search of those who needed help. This, I believe, is the act of good, of benevolence, overwhelming a sharp point of evil, suffocating it through sheer mass and numbers. This has an effect, I believe, and it’s a tangible, if unscientific idea. It manifests itself through the unfolding of events, and while this irrepressible good can never stomp out evil, it most certainly stifles its ambitions.

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