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More Than TV: The OLED Display Revolution

More Than TV: The OLED Display Revolution

Super-thin, flexible OLED technology is set to bring us roll-up tablets, dimming windows, and interactive drawings.

For nearly a decade, advocates of OLED haveevangelized about the sci-fi-like potential of these ultra-thin, flexible displays: foldable tablets, dimming windows, solar-powered clothing, self-refreshing newspapers a la Minority Report—everything short of a sustained fusion reaction, it seems.

With the unveiling of two new OLED TVs from LGand Samsung, the technology has once again popped up in the public spotlight, as it has periodically for the past few years. This time, however, the technology seems ready for the mainstream.

OLED is so captivating because its potential extends beyond TVs and smartphones. While the OLED TVs recently launched by LG and Samsung are still prohibitively expensive (the cheaper of the two, the Samsung KN55SC9, still costs nearly $9,000), the technology has reached a tipping point. People are grasping the possibilities, and they want to know more.


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