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What will your camera look like in 2020?

What will your camera look like in 2020?

Imagine the year 2020: Augmented reality glasses like Google Glass are everywhere. Cars are connected and, in some cases, driverless. Your smartphone is less a phone than a command center uniting the various nodes of your technological self — watch, glasses, wallet and car alike.

But what about your personal camera? What will it look like in 2020? Will you even own one? In recent years, we’ve seen smartphones stomp out nearly every reason to own a traditional point-and-shoot camera. You can expect that transition to run its course over the next few years. And the outlook for mobile technology is nothing if not ominous for dedicated consumer shooters.

Even some high-end DSLRs and mirrorless system cameras may be supplanted by mobile devices with ever-improving image quality.

Read more at USA Today…

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