1. Janice

    I first discovered you via a USA Today article about dishwashers vs hand-washing. After reading the article, I delved a little further — oh my gosh, you are a VERY interesting guy. Good for you for transcribing your grandfather’s war journal – very admirable. But most of all, I enjoyed your awesome sense of humor.
    I recently read research about how dishwashing by hand is better for your immune system. We seem to be sanitizing the heck out of everything (triclosan in hand soap, killing weak germs, making super-germs; overuse of antibiotics, etc.) Soon we will have extremely weakened immune systems. Yes, handwashing may use more water, but it is recycled.
    Thanks again for sharing so many great things in your work, your blog — and by all means, continue with that great sense of humor!

  2. I concur with Janice, and although written over 2 years later I am sure you are still an interesting guy!

    Anyway, I was looking for writers to help spread the word, not of God, of a new product we are looking to launch in September (perhaps October) via crowdfunding.

    This is designed as just a tease really, the first taste of heroin to get you hooked, as I don’t know how regularly you check your site for random comments!

    I won’t go into specifics here I simply wanted to congratulate you on your work, very good, very inspiring, very helpful and hope you will be able to assist SomNuva in the near future.

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